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Catholics Like You Can Make a Difference

Shaping public policy is the responsibility of every person. Our democratic form of government and our Church both call us to become involved.

The Church is not trying to form a religious voting block...nor tell people how to vote. But it is analyzing political issues from a social and moral point of view. Now, through the Indiana Catholic Action Network (I-CAN), you and other Catholics can have a direct impact on legislative action.

Issues important to the Church are selected by the ICC Board of Directors for further research. The ICC staff then researches and drafts a position statement based on the teachings of the Church as well as pertinent secular information.

How Does I-CAN Work?

I-CAN Network members can follow the Church's position on each issue and House and Senate activity as it happens. Knowing the Church position and following the legislative process, I-CAN members can contact legislators to voice an opinion. Before a vote on a key issue takes place, 'I-CAN Action Alerts' are sent via email notifying each member to immediately contact their legislators.

What Can You Do?

  1. Access the ICC website and read the I-CAN Update to stay informed.
  2. Become part of the I-CAN Network.
  3. Contact your legislator to voice your reasons for supporting or opposing an issue.
  4. Give feedback to the staff regarding the ICC issues, positions and alerts.
  5. Sign up for our e-mail newsletter
  6. Download Join I-CAN brochure here for additional information and use in
    your parish.

Network History

The Indiana Catholic Action Network (ICAN) was formed in 1978 by action of the ICC Board of Directors, in recognition of the need for Catholics as citizens, to be involved in shaping legislation, much of which intimately affects the daily lives of people in the state. ICC's involvement in the political arena comes from the belief that life is sacred and that all people have a responsibility to respect the dignity of life and to work for the common good of the entire human family.


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